Are you tired of all the mail that fills your mailbox every day?

River Valley Community Credit Union wants to help by making eStatements available to our members. With eStatements you are able to view your monthly account statement online.

Wait a minute, is it secure?

Viewing your account statement on line is completely secure. Your credit union has taken great measures to make sure you will be able to view your account statement with confidence that your information is secure. You are able to view your statement, checks, deposits and you can even print a copy of the statement for your records. Plus, you don’t have to wait for your statement to be delivered in the mail. You will get your statement as soon as statements are produced. This will also allow for the credit union to save cost and pass those savings on to our members. It is win-win!

Contact us today and ask about viewing your monthly statement online with eStatements.

Getting Started with eStatements

  •  Log in to your account at
  • Click the “Self Service” tab at the top of the screen
  • Click the “eStatements” link under the heading “Additional Services.”
  • When prompted, click the “SIGN UP” button under “Enrolling in Electronic Statements.”
  • Choose which account you would like to receive an eStatement for, then click the “OK” button.
    (Note: If you wish to receive eStatements for additional accounts listed, you will follow these steps again after choosing the other member number from the drop-down list.)
  • You will then be asked to read and accept the “Statement Express Usage Agreement.” If you agree to the terms, click “ACCEPT.”
  • You will then be taken  to your Statement Express account, where you can make any desired changes to the email address where you will receive eStatement notifications.
  • Statements will begin to appear in your Statement Express account beginning the next statement cycle, and will remain there for your record for five months.